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The Rubin Landsman Company is a private company with over 37 years of experience in the construction field. We're involved with the enterprising, developing and execution of real estate and contracted building projects.
Our company is officially licensed in classification C5 (unlimited permit), which enables us to carry out construction projects at any scale. In its many years of existence, the company has built thousands of apartment houses, office buildings, public buildings, religion institutions and industry buildings.
Our reputation is one of reliability. Each of our clients is treated with personal care and attention by our committed staff. We believe that clients' satisfaction should be the top priority.
The company is based on values of integrity and trustworthiness. We strongly believe that 'a promise is a promise' and therefore we're obligated to keep commitments (both in writing and orally) and strictly sticking to schedules.
We have all the knowledge and experience required to handle any building projects in competitive prices and all the while following through all our promises and schedules, without compromising on the quality of construction. In addition, the company holds a quality control system which grants us the ISO 9001:2000 international code and guarantees it meets the international standard.
The engineer team who's in charge of managing the projects is highly experienced in development and execution. Moreover, the team is regularly sent to targeted training in computerized construction sites managing and prevention of construction malfunctions. This is evident in the outstanding results of the finished projects.

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